Best GPS Dog Collars and Pet Trackers 2024

Find the right GPS pet tracker for your pet—whether you’re looking for a smart tracker or a cheap GPS tracker, our reviews give you the info you need.
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    Up to 7 days battery life
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    Health monitoring
whistle 3 gps pet tracker
Whistle GO Explore
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    Up to 20 days battery life
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    Health monitoring
Best for training
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    Up to 14 days battery life
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    Health monitoring
Best for no monthly fee
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    Up to 8-16 hours battery life
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    No health monitoring

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The Tractive beat out the other GPS dog collar trackers we looked at thanks to its great price. But don't miss our other picks for the best GPS dog collar trackers. We didn't just focus on the best dog dog tracking collars though. Check out our picks that work for cats too.

Compare the best pet GPS trackers

Best for
Up-Front Price
Subscription Cost
Battery Life
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Up to 20 days

Best for cats



Up to 10 days

Best for training



Up to 14 days

Best overall



Up to 8-16 hours price as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change. Read full disclaimer.

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Best GPS pet tracker reviews

1. Tractive: Best for budgets

Best for budgets

* price as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change. Read full disclaimer.

You don’t have to blow your monthly budget to keep an eye on your best friend with this clever tracking device. The Tractive pet GPS tracker comes in around $50 and has subscription fees that work out to $5 a month if you pick a two-year plan.

In addition to live tracking, this GPS dog tracker also has a hunting dog version with more durable, waterproof construction. That kind of durability lets your buddy run free through the bush, water, and other rugged terrain—without causing you worry.

pro 24-hour location history
pro Rugged design
pro Real-time tracking
pro 100% waterproof rating
pro Robust activity tracking
con Cell coverage required

In addition to its dog GPS tracker, the company also makes cat-specific trackers. We love this because typically GPS trackers can be a bit bulky for tiny cat necks.

Get all the details on the Tractive GPS dog collar and cat collar in our full Tractive review

2. Whistle GO Explore: Runner-up

whistle 3 gps pet tracker

* price as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change. Read full disclaimer.

We were impressed with its accurate geolocation sensor, quick setup, and user-friendly app for Whistle's latest model, the Whistle GO Explore. Plus, you don’t need to get your pooch used to a new collar—this dog GPS tracker attaches to their existing neckwear.

pro Live GPS tracking
pro Safe zone feature
pro Sleep, rest, and exercise monitoring
pro Nationwide coverage
con Required subscription
con Spotty rural coverage
Dog wearing a Whistle GPS dog tracker.

Image: SafeWise

With rave reviews on Amazon (and just about everywhere else—including the review from our in-house tester), Whistle is a standout among pet GPS trackers. Its reliability, durability, and accuracy make Whistle a true partner when it comes to keeping your four-legged friends safe.

Read our full review of the Whistle pet GPS tracker.

PETFON: Best for no monthly subscription

Best for training

* price as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change. Read full disclaimer.

The PETFON Pet GPS Tracker is the only tracker on our list that doesn't have a monthly fee. So if you're on a budget and still want to keep your furry friend safe, this may be a good option.

pro Location tracking
pro Alarm
pro Nightlight
pro Perfect for smaller dogs
con Too bulky for cats and small dogs
con No health tracking

Since there's no monthly fee, it probably comes as no surprise that this cat or dog GPS tracker has limited features. It doesn't track the health of your pet. It does feature a light and alarm, which can help you find your little runaway at night.

This GPS tracking collar is also rain and dust-proof. It's not waterproof, though, so your pet won't be able to swim in it.

Other pet GPS trackers we considered

GeoZilla GPS Tracker

Image: Cathy Habas, SafeWise

The GeoZilla GPS Tracker comes with a pouch that slides onto medium and large collars. The tracker itself is small and light enough for a cat—you'd just need to rig up a different collar attachment.

The GeoZilla was reasonably accurate during our tests but did give a few false alarms. Our main complaint is that it's pricey—about $20 a month after the introductory rate expires—and doesn't offer any pet-specific features like the other trackers on our list.

Learn more in our full GeoZilla GPS Tracker review.

What about the Ring Pet Tag?

Ring launched its Pet Tag last fall. You can add the tag to your pet's collar and if they get lost, anyone who finds them can scan the QR code to help figure out who the runaway is and who they belong to. We didn't include the Ring Pet Tag in this list because it's not a pet tracker—it's a pet identifier. This device won't help you find your wandering pet, but if someone finds your pet, they can learn how to get in touch with you through the QR code (similar to how a pet microchip works). 

Fi Collar

Screenshot from the Fi app showing a black and white border collar in a window with the Fi collar on. A golden retriever is next to the collie.

Image: Matt Polus, SafeWise

We got to try out Fi collars on a few pups and we found a lot to like. While we finish our full review of Fi, here are a few initial takeaways:

  • The collar is like a Fitbit for your dog—no bulky device to add to the collar.
  • GPS tracking is about as accurate as any GPS tracking, with a few glitches here and there, but overall wasn't quite as accurate as Tractive.
  • The app, health metrics, and community metrics (see where your dog's activity falls against other dogs in its breed, your state, and the whole Fi network) are robust and offer extended insights into your pup.

Overall, we like the Fi Collar, and the company responded to input from early users and has already delivered multiple updates to improve the collar. Stay tuned for our full review, coming soon!

Findster Duo

If you are looking for Findster Duo, which used to be among our top picks, it's no longer available. 

How to choose a GPS pet tracker

Pet size

Pet trackers are not one-size-fits-all, and many are designed for medium-sized or larger pets. Pay attention to the size and weight of the tracker. Even though most are designed to attach to your pet’s existing collar, tracking devices can be bulky and uncomfortable for smaller pets.

The good news is that most pet trackers disclose up front if their product works for cats and other diminutive pets. So, if you need to find the right GPS pet tracker for a 7-pound dog, consider searching for trackers that specify compatibility with felines.

Activity level

If you have a rambunctious pup that never seems to sit still, you want a pet tracker that has a good track record for battery life. Most pet trackers let you select different modes depending on whether you’re out on a hike, at the dog park, or just chilling at home. The difference between the settings is how often the tracker checks in on your pet’s location and how often it sends you alerts.

Trackers that offer live tracking usually update every 30 seconds, so you have a constant stream of notifications about your pet’s location. That’s a great feature, especially if you have a runner, but it drains battery life quickly. If you want to use live tracking often, seek out a pet GPS tracker with rock-star reviews for battery life when in active mode.

Where you go with your pet

Maybe you’ve got a city dog (like me) or perhaps your pooch is more free-range, like Chevy Chase’s Irish Setter in the movie Funny Farm. If your dog is likely to jump in ponds after ducks and engage in other similar shenanigans, you want a pet tracker that can stand up to the elements. And it needs to be waterproof.

While most pet GPS trackers are water-resistant, there are different levels of water durability. You don’t want your investment to go kaput the first time Rover gets a penchant for waterfowl, so look for waterproof not water-resistant, and don’t be shy about combing customer reviews to find out how waterproof a tracker really is. The Whistle Go is rated waterproof IPX7, which means it can be submerged in up to four feet of water for up to half an hour.

GPS pet tracker FAQs

The difference between a microchip and a GPS collar is the way each one helps keep your pet safe. With microchips, you can’t track your pet in real time and they can be identified only once they end up at a vet or shelter. Also, chips are inserted into an animal’s shoulder—they can’t be slipped off like a collar or clip-on device.

With a GPS collar, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 2G, and 3G technologies ping your animal’s location, allowing you to track them in real time or download a map of their most recent jaunt. This is one of the big reasons why GPS collars for dogs and cats have become so popular. But GPS pet trackers rely on battery life and they can be removed or lost.

Not necessarily, but smart GPS collars can do a lot more than a microchip. In addition to letting you track your pet’s location, a smart collar can detect things like heart rate, body temperature, and daily activity. Again, this can be nice if you want to keep a watchful eye on your sick kitty or aging hound.

On the other hand, if you choose to go with a GPS collar on its own, you risk losing your pet for good if the tracker runs out of juice or gets removed somehow. A microchip is extra insurance if your pet’s tracker gets lost or stops working.

Some do, some don’t—it all depends on which kind you get. For instance, Whistle runs on AT&T’s network, though that doesn’t mean you’ll have to switch providers if your phone plan isn’t with AT&T.

Many do, but not all of them. Most have plans for as little as $5–$10, but others don’t require a monthly fee.

This depends on the type of GPS collar you have, but many are capable of being submerged in at least three feet of water—and that’s definitely a feature you want to have.

If you have a cat, you don’t run the risk of water damage as much as you would with a dog, but having a waterproof tracker is helpful if your feline falls into water or gets caught in a rainstorm.

Yes. Generally speaking, the smart collar industry is focused on dogs, but most collars are advertised for both dogs and cats.

How we reviewed the best pet trackers


Image: Tractive

We prioritized these features when researching the best GPS dog collar trackers:

  • Customizable geofencing and safe zones
  • Accurate GPS tracking and alerts
  • Reliable notifications to your cell phone or mobile device
  • Battery life that lasts long enough for a day-long romp
  • Waterproof ratings for pets that love to swim
  • Adjustable sizing for a snug fit

We tested the Whistle 3 and Jiobit on two dogs and a cat before adding them to our lineup. 

Learn more about how we test products here at SafeWise on our methodology page.


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